Sales Funnels & Buyer Psychology with Stefanie Gass

May 01, 2019

I know, I know..

"Sales funnels & buyer psychology?" #snore

There are things in business that get us fired up and things that well.. don't. But fret not my friends, we're going to cut out all the fancy schmancy verbiage and break it down in a way that doesn't make us want to crawl back under those covers!

A "sales funnel" is a fancy term for the process someone goes through from first introduction to ultimate conversion or purchase. You've heard it said that someone needs roughly 7 interactions with you or your brand before whipping out their wallet right? Sales funnels break down those 7 interactions and what's needed to get inside your potential buyers head (aka "buyer psychology"). This isn't about being creepy and stalkerish but rather how to know your people well enough to understand how best to serve them.

  1. CONSISTENT VALUABLE CONTENT. (16:10) Commit to showing up for your people consistently. 
  2. EXCHANGE ADDITIONAL VALUE FOR AN EMAIL. (16:33) Serve, serve, serve, serve, sell. Provide value for free that your followers will happily trade an email for. Growing your email list is vital so you can have consistent touch points moving forward.
  3. THANK YOU INTRODUCTORY OFFER. (18:26) When your followers snag that free content in exchange for their email address, nows the time to show them a entry level introductory offer on the "Thank you" page you'll be sending them to. It can be a simple ebook that takes that free content to the next level. Provide your follower with something that will truly help her!
  4. EMAIL NURTURE SERIES. (19:13) Time is precious. You should not be writing and drafting emails to every human being. Create a simple nurture series for your followers that will take them through an experience with you. Tell stories. Serve her with the knowledge she's craving.
  5. USE SIMPLE CALL TO ACTION LINKS IN EACH EMAIL. (20:46) Use simple concise links to direct your followers through your offerings.
  6. AUTOMATE THE SALE WITH LANDING PAGES. (21:44) Create landing pages for the products and content that your followers are most interested in. Cut through the noise of all the offerings and make finding that special something easy.
  7. VIDEO. (22:19) Get personal with a little face time. Written word is great, but video engages at a whole new level.
  8. FOLLOW UP! (24:11) There is no such thing as a one and done sale. Continue to nurture relationships and your customers will inevitably become your fans and tell you what they want from you next. Get people's feedback. Ask questions and solve problems.
  9. FOCUS ON THE COMMITTED. (29:16) Nurture the relationships that matter most. Those who have spent money with you before are more inclined to do so again. Stay relevant to them and continue to serve, serve, serve! Send a thank you card or a free gift. Stay top of mind so when they have a new problem they need solved they'll remember you. Get them involved and do something fun for them. Provide a special offer just for your returning customers and really give them the VIP treatment.
  10. AUTOMATE. (29:46) Automation means less busy work for you. Automate as much as possible.
  11. TEST, TEST, TEST! (29:56) Keep testing to figure out where you are losing money and how you can streamline your process. Test and learn, then repeat, and repeat some more!

BONUS: HIGHLIGHT. (26:01) Highlight your customers and allow them to be a part of your success story. It increases your trust factor, provides great content, and most importantly, forges a strong and loyal relationship with your customer or client.

You see? Sales funnels are less about overwhelming complexity as they are about breaking down your game plan. First I'll... then I'll... after that I'll... etc.

So breathe! You've got this! Just ask yourself - how would I want to be served through this process?


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