Your Money Mindset with Chris Harder

Oct 22, 2019

Many of us have an unhealthy relationship with money and may even experience feelings of guilt in the pursuit of making a healthy living. In order to take control of your finances you must take control of your relationship with them.

  • (3:46) You're taught growing up to be generous and to be kind with your money. But then you're also taught to not pursue wealth or nice things and certainly don't talk about it or be showy with it, and these two things were opposites to me as a child.
  • ...
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Getting Started in Wholesale

Sep 25, 2019

So you're looking to break into wholesale, but not sure where to begin. Sound familiar?

Fret not, I've got you're back!

Laying the Groundwork

Let’s start with some of the fundamental logistics you’ll want to think through:

  • Determine the types of products you’ll be selling.
  • Identify your clientele or shoppers.
  • Decide your business structure. Are you envisioning a brick and mortar store, an e-commerce platform, or an events-driven concept? Will you want to establish...
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What I Learned from Losing $2 Million Dollars

Sep 18, 2019

I lost $2 MILLION Dollars

If you have been an entrepreneur for longer than a nanosecond, you know that this journey provides more than its fair share of life lessons. Over the years, I've grown a pretty thick skin of resilience, but nothing could have prepared me for the huge loss we experienced soon after launching our company, Peyton Bre. From poor inventory projections, to a failed software system, and two cases of international fraud and theft..

We lost $2 million in under nine...

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How to Say "No" to Maximize your "Yes"

Sep 11, 2019

"All managers and executive leaders need to head outside for our meeting today at 1pm. Bring a cup full of water to represent your work load."


It was somewhat vague, but that's the Gary we've all come to know and love. We marched outside with our glasses full of water, bantering back and forth trying to guess what this demonstration was all about.

"You each are holding a cup filled with water to represent your daily work load. I want you to drink how much of it you get done on...

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How to Start a Business

Aug 28, 2019


Goals = Growth. Without clearly defined goals new business owners often lack clear direction, get discouraged and quit. It isn't their lack of ability but rather their lack of direction that causes failure to succeed.

It wasn’t until I created a business plan and got clear on the direction I wanted to go that we saw exponential growth. My business plan is my guardrail. Every choice I make, every decision, every expansion we consider is...

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How to Grow your Team & Set the Stage for Peak Performance

Aug 21, 2019

"How did you start growing your team?"

It's the question I hear most often from solo-preneurs and those looking to scale.

My team has offered me the flexibility to create my life on my terms and on my schedule. As most beginners often do, I made plenty of mistakes! Here are some of the mistakes I made and the lessons I learned from them:


I waited too long. I postponed hiring my first employee until I was completely maxed out. We have to be honest with our...

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In-Person Relationships vs Online Convenience & the Power of Goal Mapping with Hailey Myers

Aug 14, 2019

In-person relationships are vital to the success of many small "local" businesses, but does that mean online sales will sabotage your efforts?

Not necessarily..


  • (03:54) Both of my children have been raised in the store. They don't have babysitters. My customers kids come in and play with them. We actually have a playroom at the store for my kids and all the other kids to come play. So it works out and we just mom and run a business at the same time.
  • (04:36) Some days...
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Collaborations, Content & Consistency with Katie Lamb

Jul 31, 2019

Marketing on a budget is made easy as you master one simple thing.. RELATIONSHIPS. 

"It's not WHAT you know, it's WHO you know."

Influencer marketing has been around well before anyone ever coined a fancy phrase for it. As businesses and brands have grown accustomed to this rising form of marketing, strategic collaborations have emerged and enabled entrepreneurs to think outside traditional cut throat marketing approaches. We see more and more...

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Overcoming Doubt and Maximizing Your Leadership Potential with Robin Pou

Jul 24, 2019

Ask any successful entrepreneur and they'll tell you.. mindset matters!

All leaders experience doubt. *Queue sigh of relief.

In order to alter the trajectory of your success journey and maximize your leadership potential, the narrative has to change. As w learn to identify and overcome doubt we can begin to use it to our advantage as a propellant.  

  • (03:12) The issue that I run into the most is that we as people and therefore leaders, leaders of...
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Mommy CEO - The Effects of Mompreneurship on my Children

Jul 10, 2019

As mompreneurs it's easy to worry about our kids and how they interpret what we do and how and when we do it. But how often do we open the dialogue and ask?

I recently did just that! The filters are off as 4 of my 6 children open up about what it's like to have parents who are entrepreneurs.. and some of it is quite enlightening!

What do you guys like about having a mom who is a momprenuer or entrepreneur?

Landon: "I like how you always get to stay home more and you get to...

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